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    Let`s watch the TommyNow show together!

    Hey guys! I am back with some very exciting news. Guess what? This season Neoandlime.com is going to live stream the TommyNow show in Milan. I am still amazed on how far we have come technology wise. To be able to see and shop the shows live, straight from the runway? That`s just unbelievable!

    So let`s watch the Spring 2018 runway show together! Cause it`s going to be amazing, I promise. Just imagine that last season I watched the show 4 times, that`s how good it was. I just couldn`t stop. And that`s because the TommyNow shows are always so fast paced and engaging.

    But wait, that`s is not all of it! Besides the uninterrupted footage of the runway show, the live stream will also include a 30-minute pre-show stream. When you`ll get insights into this season’s speed and motorsport inspirations, a sneak-peek inside the venue, and exclusive interviews with VIPs and influencers attending the show. I am so excited!

    So I guess I`ll see you on Sunday, 25th of February, chicos. At 8 PM CET. I`ll leave a link over here so you can check what time it will be in your country. (In Romania it will be 9PM.)

    Till then, let`s hang on Instagram. I`ll keep reminding you on Stories and add a link into my Instagram bio. So you won`t miss it. Big hugs!