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    I was wrong! Elle Blogging Awards 2017

    I was wrong guys! What a bummer! I am wrong 99% of the times, but it`s always a bummer. ? What I want to tell you in regards to the Elle Blogging Awards 2017 is that it`s a little more complicated to vote than I thought. It isn`t necessarily my fault cause…

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    Spring into action

    Good morning angels! I`m saying this even though I am completely sure by the time I`m going to finish this post, it`s going to be at least noon. Yup…that`s how fast I am! As the wind. ? I couldn`t wait to share these photos with you so I am thrilled I finally…

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    When Pink Is Really A Thing

    Oh…how time flies! I can`t believe holidays are far behind and I still didn`t get to do much. I`m still feeling very tired and I am beginning to suspect this has nothing to do with work and sleep hours, but more with this nasty weather. This season feels more like an ugly,…