• Minimal make-up ideas
    Beauty Outfit

    2 cool make-up looks to try now

      Ola Muchacos! ( had to change things up a little. ?) I am so happy I finally get to post these make-up looks. I got a lot on my plate lately and I find it more and more difficult to make time for the blog. But finally! I couldn`t wait…

  • Neo and Lime at Iulius Mall.

    Forever and a day at Iulius mall

    Hello Kittens! What`s going on? How are you all doing? Wow! Look at all these greeting formulas I`ve been learning since I started blogging. And I even got more. ? This post is a little bit unusual comparing to what I you`re used to, but I guess it`s good to get out…

  • 5 Reasons to start blogging today
    Blogging and Social Media Outfit

    5 Reasons to start blogging today

    Hola chicos! Ok, ok, this Hola things is finally starting to sound strange in my mind. As it makes me think about beaches and straw umbrellas and I am sitting here on the couch, at home, writing an article. At least if I was having a Mojito in my hand. But…

  • Neo and Lime garden style.
    Blogging and Social Media Outfit

    Conquering the numbers

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I just found out that X likes me too. (well, my work much rather ?). So no, this is not about my ex but I can`t tell you who is it about just yet. Cause then I would spoil everything from the first sentence, wouldn`t…