• My New Year`s Eve outfit

    Happy 2017 + my NYE outfit

    Happy 2017 guys! This post was supposed to go live in 2016 but then…life happened. I am posting it anyway cause I`m in love with these photos we shot in -3C degrees. ? I know they cannot serve as NYE outfit inspo anymore (Wa, Wa, Waaa…). But considering it was so cold that…

  • A Modern Christmas Outfit

    Christmas Outfit Dilemma- Sorted

    Hey babes, long time no see. I promised an ` End of the year thoughts` post but I didn`t managed to get it done yet. I got so many things to do before I live to Denmark, I`m freaking out just by thinking about it.? But the post is half done so…

  • wild-wild-west

    Going Wild- The Western Trend

    Howdy ladies! This isn`t my usual type of greeting, but giving the outfit I think it`s only appropriate. ? As you could figure, I really got a thing for big hats lately. It just happened and I think it`s only Pinterest to blame…it`s always the goddamn Pinterest ?. Since Ganni`s popular `Space Cowboy`…

  • The perfect winter outfit featuring white jumper dress and leather boots.
    Lifestyle Outfit

    Baukjen and the Woods Story

    Good morning guys! I just woke up and went straight to my laptop cause I couldn`t wait to share this little editorial with you. But let me tell you a short story about Baukjen, my last photoshoot and how I ended up feeling like work is not work, but rather play.…

  • Dress over shirt look via neoandlime.com

    Witchy McWitch

    No broom here though… Those old witches didn`t know how to accessorize properly. ? Hi ladies! I`m writing this short article on a lazy Sunday morning and I`m currently pretty pissed about the fact that I finished my cup of coffee. Unfortunately I can`t have another one or my heart would go crazy.…